Conferences & presentations


"Thoughts on Bascara’s Thoughts on overcoming oppression". Unifying Against Oppression. A Symposium on the Radical Republicanism of Dara  Bascara. Centre for Social Philosophy, University of Nottingham, 24th August (Online)

‘Narrative, Resistance and Emotional Transformations’. Critical Emotion Theory Network (Online seminar). 13th January


‘Narratividad y transformaciones afectivas’, Mesa Redonda: Afectos Políticos (Online). Jornadas de Investigación Filosóficas, University of Costa Rica, 26th October


Response to Rachel Fraser’s “Narrative Testimony”.  Saturday Graduate Workshop, Birkbeck College, 9th March, 2019


‘The Pervasiveness of Racist Violence’
International Workshop ‘Dissecting Violence: Structures, Imaginaries,
Resistances’. Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of
Amsterdam, 4-6 April


Response to James Laing’s “Making Sense of Shame”
London Intercollegiate Conference, November 24, 2017

‘The Distinctive Emotional Experience of the Oppressed’ 
Workshop: Narrating Emotions, University of Luzern, April 20-22 


‘The Emotional Constitution of Oppression’
OZSW Conference, University of Groningen, December 9-10

‘The Emotional Constitution of Oppression’ 
London Graduate Conference, November 25th

Response to Sally Haslanger’s “Studying While Black: Trust, Opportunity, and Disrespect”. 11th Nomos Meeting, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, June 6-8 

‘The Role of Shame and Guilt in Oppression’. Workshop on Emotions and Conflict, University of Pisa, February 3-5